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One advantage of buying the best is that when you’re done with it, the resale value tends to be higher than average. It’s the same with cars, computers, houses, phones…

My old mobile phone (nokia n95) was over 3 and half years old when i got my new iphone, so to me, it was worthless. I could have happily thrown it in a drawer and kept it there for years and years, like i do with a lot of my old gadgets.

I happened to check out envirofone.ie though and they offered to pay me €81.75 just to take my old phone. Suckers 🙂 It’s a win win situation. I get €81.75 for posting them something i didn’t want, they get…. well i’m, not sure what they get exactly, i’m not sure how their business works and what happens to phones that go to them.

Of course they’re gonna profit from my phone in some way but i don’t really care too much about that. I’m just happy to get €81.75 for signing up to their site, sticking my old phone in an envelope & posting it. That’s literally all i had to do… 5 or 10 minutes work max.

But not every phone is so valuable… my old nokia 6600 for example is worth just €7, many phones are worth nothing. Interestingly enough, the iphone 3GS 32gb is worth €270. So this time next year, that’s probably what i’ll get for my iphone 4.

It probably won’t cost that much to upgrade to the iphone 5, so i can probably profit or at least break even getting a new phone. So play your cards right and you can continually upgrade your phone for free. Of course i say ‘free’ – in reality you’re paying at least €40 / month in most contracts.

So thanks envirofone, probably the easiest €81.75 i’ve ever earned.

2 thoughts on “Easy money with envirofone”

  1. Can’t agree with you re. the cars ….. I’ve found that it’s the high end cars that lose most in resale value …. BMW, Mercs etc.

    The margin of loss is much higher.

  2. well yeah, i suppose that was a bad example looking back on it… cars are things which tend to lose value very quickly over the first few years… but certain makes hold their value better than others after a certain age… bmw & vw the two that stick out in my mind…

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