easter egg review..

Firstly, yes, it’s been a boring day and i’ve had too much time on my hands.. 😀

So rather than lounge around and watch TV for an hour or so, i decided to do something productive and review my favourite chocolate easter egg this year..

The Cadbury ‘Easter Egg Delight’ milk chocolate edition 500g

Easter Egg

The first thing you will notice is the tube shaped cardboard container which this egg comes in. It stands out from all the other eggs. It’s purple/blue exterior gives it a very soothing and luxurious feel. Mixed with the sexy ‘cadbury’ font, this egg is ideal for husband/wife/boy/girl friend etc.. It’s not something you’d give your granny or kids, oh no.

easter egg 2

Inside, it’s almost revolutionary. It comes in a velvety-type see-through drawstring bag. This bag changes from purple to red when under light. Ingenius. You think you get 1 egg and you’re probably hoping for a few sweets thrown in. Prepare to be dazzled. This egg contains, not 1 but 2 eggs, plus a bag of sweets! The second egg is hidden inside of the first egg in silver foil. Thus, it is obviously smaller than the main egg.

easter egg 3 easter egg 4

I was impressed with the thickness of both eggs. Both were above average and of high quality construction. The main egg is already seperated in half when you open it, which then leads you to the smaller egg which is sealed and you have to smash open yourself.

So this open and closed variety makes sure egg lovers get the traditional ‘smash in half’ egg mixed with the more modern and refined ‘already in half’ one. Cadbury really have thought of everything on this one.

Finally we move onto the bang for the buck. €14 this cost. Slightly overpriced imo, but then again, you pay for the luxury, the sexy-ness. If i wanted a cheap and cheerful solution i’d take a plain old Cadbury dairymilk 350g with one egg and two bars’. But i thought, hey, what the heck, i’ll splash out and buy the top of the range cadbury. You only live once :mrgreen:

Pro’s: High quality construction, two eggs in one, drawstring bag, revolutionary design, thick chocolate

Con’s: Price

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