€7.59 for a minute of browsing with o2 prepaid GPRS..

Here’s what happens when you log on to skysports website and click on 1 link from your n95 on o2’s prepay tariff.


I made this stupid mistake as i connected via GPRS and not my home network. I opened up skysports.com and clicked on a page so in total i loaded up 2 pages 🙄 they charge 1c/kb so i downloaded 759kb’s 😯

I copped on straight away as the connection was slow.. when i use my wi-fi network it’s lightening quick but things were a little slower and then i had a flashback and realised i’d clicked on connect by GPRS rather than my home network.

So viewing 2 skysports webpages cost me €7.59 😡 Absolutely outrages. 1c per kb – it’s a joke.

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