€400/night hotel for €150/night..

I’m delighted with this evening’s piece of bargain hunting.

As you all know i’m heading to London next month and had been trying to nab deals on priceline for some time now. For some reason the 10th of July is a busy day in London. Many hotel aren’t booked out, but they only have a few rooms left so that put a spanner in the works from my point of view as it inflates priceline’s price.

But my persistence has paid off. I’ve gotten a €400 room per night hotel, for less than €150/night. That’s a saving of over €250 😯 I’m staying two nights, so i’ve saved over €500 on the hotel’s normal rates 😮

The hotel is the Sheraton Belgravia. Sheraton are a big name so i was immediately relieved i’d gotten a big chain hotel rather than a local one. I was hoping for a hilton, but i guess i can’t complain for this price :mrgreen:

As you can see it’s a 4 star and gets rated as a 4 star by about 30 different people on tripadvisor, so it’s obviously a decent hotel. Ranked 100 out of 1000 in london. It looks old and too posh for us however.. we like our modern skyscrapers with a bit of class, but as i said, there’ll be people staying in the hotel that have paid over 60% more than what we did 😈

I checked out the location on google earth and now i see why it’s so expensive.. it’s in Kensington, a short walk from Hyde park, Buckingham palace and Victoria station, Harrods etc.. The perfect place to walk around in my BeerChief t-shirt :mrgreen:

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