e3c review…

first impressions:

  1. nicely packaged
  2. well protected
  3. lacks bass
  4. keep falling out
  5. waste of money 🙁

Upon further examination….


the sound from the e3c’s is unrivalled, unlike anything i’ve ever experienced.. it’s no wonder these guys offer a 30 day money back guarantee..

i’m lost for words, the sound quality is top notch. Granted, im playing it through my audigy 2zs soundcard which in itself emits stunning sound quality. Combined with the new e3c’s, it is a truely flawless combination.
Im listening ‘Sweetest Thing’ by U2 at the minute at pretty low volume. I can’t hear myself typing, cant hear myself banging on the table, can’t hear people shouting at me!! it’s amazing. I’m picking up bits in songs you’d never hear on normal earphones/TV/sound systems…
The Package


you get a load of ear sleeves to attach to the actual phones. The idea is that one of the sleeve will fit you perfectly and will shut you off from the outside world whilst giving you studio quality sound.
i’m using the yellow foam sleeves. I found they give out the best bass whilst fitting perfectly.

The Quality

like i’ve said above, the quality is jaw dropping. These babies take sound to a whole new level.

I can hear the bass, but can’t feel it which is very strange indeed. It feels like i’ve my surround sound system on full blast yet only I can hear it – the neighbours can’t!

I’ve listened from the Bee Gees to Eminem, Mariah Carey and U2… it doesn’t matter – sound quality on all is excellent. Bass, Acoustics, Treble, Balance – it’s all perfect.

I’m no expert, i’m not a professional musician, but i like my music and own an array of digital music gadgets. The Shure e3c’s are already the best musical gadget i’ve ever bought and they’re not even run in properly yet!


go out and buy them now. You’ll not regret it. If you don’t like them, hell I’ll even refund you the cost! They’re that good. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your standard ipod plugs or those old black yolks you have lying about the house, get the Shure e3c’s now.

now, THIS is what i call music.

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