€120,000 for 2gigs of RAM

According to Dell‘s website, an XPS 430 with 2 gigs of RAM costs around €900. Add 4 gigs of RAM and it costs about -€120k :mrgreen:

Dell XPS 430 from -€119,000

Yip, someone at Dell doesn’t know how decimal places work and it results in my total bill coming in at -€120,000. I’ll be expecting a check in the post from them although i’d accept that amount in cash too….

Actually, seen as i’m a nice guy, how about you just keep the €120k and i’ll make do with that free XPS 430 😉

Maybe this is just a REALLY clever marketing plan for the XPS 430… they know bloggers will latch on to this, blog about it, spread it around forums and what not and it’s a bit of viral marketing for them and the XPS 430… ah yes, that’s it – genius!

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