Dublin Pictures..

I went to Dublin today for the day today/technically yesterday now… weather was fantastic :mrgreen:

The bus journey really shatters you though… i couldn’t help but feel tired and drained even though i didn’t do much 🙄 It’s always the same, i hate buses.. i can never manage to stay awake for long journeys.. i think it’s the fact you know you have a long trip ahead and have nothing to do so your mind just switches off if you can’t keep it entertained.

Anyway, as my girlfriend pointed out , i’m not the one that has to get up at 8am tomorrow morning 🙂 As an internet entrepreneur, i can get up whenever i want and be totally energized and charged up for the day.

As promised here’s a few snaps taken with my n95. I was reluctant to flash my n95 about too much as it was fairly busy today… so i didn’t take many pics. Stopping in a crowded street waving about a €600+ phone is asking for trouble. I’ve seen 3 daylight pickpockets in action over the last few years in Dublin City.. it’s the same in all cities in fairness.. act like a tourist and leave your cameras, wallets, phones dangling about and you’re asking for trouble 😎

O’ Connell Street


Grass Van (yes, i know – why would anyone cover a van with leaves/grass??!)


St. Steven’s Green


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