Dual monitors ROCK!

On Friday, after a few hours trying to mess round with my new samsung monitors i discovered that i could turn off my laptop screen and use both VGA and DVI outputs to get my two monitors working side by side.

They really do look beautiful side by side and now i know why all the big guns use dual monitors…

Let me tell you now, if you were thinking about or only half thinking about getting dual monitors, don’t think, just get them.

If you’re not happy, i’ll refund you. Well ok, i won’t really but that’s how confident i am you’ll love them. I got my hands on a magical piece of software called ‘Ultramon‘ and it makes things really smooth with two monitors.

I can literally juggle windows about from one screen to the next with the click of a button… i can stretch windows across both screens, i can stretch the taskbar across both screens etc..

Even without doing any hard research in how to get the best out of a dual monitor setup, i know i’m going to benefit HUGELY from this. As i type this post on one screen, i’m finding links to use on the other, without having to close / minimise / re-open windows.

Check out my current desktop;

And here’s what it’s like having two windows open;

Yep, a total resolution of 3360 x 1050 🙂

Here’s my view of it all at night and let me just say it looks 100 times better in real life. The cripsness of it all has to be seen to be believed, and that’s with one of the monitors using VGA. Once i get my new XPS, both will be using DVI for an even sharper image picture (apologies for crappy shot, my n95’s battery is nearly dead so i just shot it with default settings which obviously aren’t good enough, but you can see what i mean).

So you know the way you always add in hyperlinks and need to copy/paste links in to your blog post?
That’s freaking annoying as any serious blogger or writer will know 😉

Thanks to this set up, it makes writing a much more enjoyable task and saves me having to open a new tab, bring up a site, copy the url, move back to my other tab, paste the link in to my blog post. It’s an ideal set up when writing an ebook which normally includes hundreds of links to sites…

When i get my full system in place i might do a video review of it all and give you my thoughts on exactly why i made the move and my feelings after it’s all done 🙂

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