dual monitors aren’t enough

triple monitors

On Monday my new (second hand) mac mini arrived along with a full size keyboard and mouse and some other stuff. I had planned on using a kvm switch with my existing monitors which would allow me to flick between both systems but i’m finding two monitors with two systems just isn’t enough…

Why i need a third monitor

Right now, i could never go back to a single monitor set up… dual monitors just speed everything up or at least give the impression that things speed up 🙂 I know a few people now who’ve switched to a dual monitor set up and i don’t think any of them could revert to single monitor… the reason people don’t go beyond two monitors is because most systems can’t handle three monitors – the graphics card won’t support the third.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Hexidecimal

Adding a third monitor is an idea i’ve joked about in the past… but because my main PC can only handle two monitors at a time the third monitor would be wasted. Now, with a new system and separate keyboard / mouse etc… it’s starting to make sense the more i think about it.

The cost of a third monitor

A new monitor will cost me about €100-150. Having just spent €500 on the mac mini, i could do without the extra expense but at the same time i think it would be money well spent. Buying anything which adds speed or saves hassle is always a wise investment… when i’m throwing myself in to something new the last thing i want to do is make it hassle or difficult to learn for myself… i want to give myself no excuses for not doing this and by adding a third monitor to my set up, that would mean i’d have a full dedicated apple set up alongside my main PC.

I’d buy a monitor second hand only they’re stupidly priced by people. I can buy a new one for less than the asking price of most second hand monitors so for this particular product, buying second hand would be a bad decision. Some things are like that in IT, printers would be another good example. Cheaper to buy them new.

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