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I’ve just drawn the winners for my Skydive Competition today. I’m having problems uploading the video/screencast so i may not get it live until tomorrow when i’ve a bit more time to investigate what’s up.

There are two or three of you who will be pretty pleased with your haul 😉 The way i worked the competition was simple…

I choose 37 random integers between 1 and 970 using random.org. Why 37? Because i’d 37 prizes to give away!

I listed prizes from 1-37 and participants/entrants from 1 to 970. Once i got random numbers, i matched the first random number to prize number 1.

The first number drawn was 479, so 479 got prize no.1 which was $50 cash. 479 happened to be ‘dlowry’. I still have to hear back from a few advertisers just to confirm everything and as it’s the weekend, but don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me until next week – i am pretty busy myself too 🙂

All winners will be contacted over the next few days and you can contact me if you have questions. Tomorrow, i’ll write up a full list of winners and their prizes and i’ll also upload that screencast for all to see 😎

Apologies for being a bit behind my self-imposed schedule 🙂

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