Driving Test Tomorrow..

I’ve less than 24 hours until my test now.

This time tomorrow, i’ll be blogging about how i aced the test, or how i failed. Statistically, i’ve a 50-50 shot of passing (50% of tests are failed every day in Ireland). But i reckon a lot of those fails are down to nerves or a simple lack of driving ability – two things that i don’t suffer from.

I’ve one last lesson from 9-10am tomorrow morning (test at 11.50am), so that hour and a half or so in between lesson and test is going to be very tense. I’ll probably just keep driving about the town practicing, whilst every 2 seconds checking my watch.

I still think i’ll pass. Still 100% confident. There’s nothing i can’t do or nothing i really fear in the test. So it should just be a case of keeping calm and getting the job done. Once it’s over, and if i pass, it will be a massive weight off my mind.. for the past few weeks, i’ve been driving around town in my head every day.. that’s the way i work – i practice things repeatedly in my head as it prepares me for all kinds of situations and allows me to think long and hard about ‘split second’ decisions and what is the best thing to do in those situations – i over analyse things :mrgreen:

For example, a car swerves out in front of you.. instincts would tell you to swerve away, but if you swerve into another car, you’re at fault as you’ve caused the damage. So by thinking things through, i’ll now prepare for a car swerving out, view both sides of the road and have a decision -pre-made – about whether i can swerve out enough and avoid a collision or whether i should continue my line of travel and let another car hit me..

That’s a classic example of a split second decision and the length’s i go to prepare for it. But it means i can control and even change my instincts by making a logical decision and thinking about all the consequences. 😛

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