Driving Test Marking Sheet

I thought i’d scan and upload the exact marking sheet the driving tester uses.. just to help those learner drivers out there..

Driving Test Sheet

  • The green marks indicate minor faults/not serious.. you can get as many green marks as you want – they have no effect on the test outcome and aren’t counted 😎
  • The blue marks are more serious. They indicate potential risk/danger such as breaking speed limit, stopping too close to car in front etc.. that’s why i was marked (even though it was a little harsh imo). You are allowed a maximum of 8 blue marks. 9 and you fail.
  • The red marks are instant fails. Things like running through a red light, driving up on the kerb, not giving way to pedestrians etc.. 1 red mark and you fail instantly.

As you can see, i got 5 green faults, 3 blue.. the green marks were very harsh as i thought i did everything to the book. For example for the ‘rules/checks’ i answered everything correctly and promptly ❓ I can only assume that the green mark was for dropping the bonnet from too low a height or something stupid like that 🙄 Then again, the green marks dount count so i can’t complain too much.

Everyone would love to pass with zero marks against them.. i guess i’m lucky i passed with 5 blue marks to spare, the fact i’m a young male and also the fact the pass rate is less than 50% 😎

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