Driving Lesson #1

Well, i got my driving test date a few weeks ago, it’s now just 6 days away 😎

So today i had my first lesson in about a year 😆 It went quite well i thought. I drove properly as in two hands on the wheel, looking at mirrors every 10 seconds, using the handbrake when necessary – all the stuff i don’t normally do 😉

My instrutor never complemented me, but she took me on the test routes and had me going up steep hills a few times so i take that as a compliment as i think she was trying to put me under pressure – on a hill, not enough room for 2 cars to go past, and me having to use handbrake etc.. to get out of it.. but that didn’t happen really, so as far as controlling the car was concerned, i had no problems.

She did tell me to practice mirrors more, particularly when moving lanes, indicating etc.. also i have to literally move my body and head forward when moving out from junctions – they were basically my only flaws.

I’ll be taking 2/3 more lessons so at the end of it all, i expect to pass easily. It doesn’t really matter whether i do or not anyway because i’ll be on a second provisional license in July which allows me to drive legally on my own anyway 🙄 Passing the test won’t lower my insurance, as i’ve already paid for that this month for the next year, and there is a clause in the contract that no partial refund will be given if i pass the test.

It would be nice to pass though – it would save me €30 a pop for lessons 👿 that’s $50 an hour for you Americans – yes $50. If you have a 5 hour day, 5 days a week that’s €1250/week 😮

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