Dream Car; BMW Mini

Every man has his dream car. If i could own any car in the world, it would be a BMW Mini Cooper S 😎


I’ve never driven one, but i know i’d love it. The latest 2007 version boasts a 5 star NCAP rating and increased fuel efficiency. The Cooper D model – The Diesel version, offers an incredible 72.4mpg 😯 But if i could afford one of these babies, i’d be taking the 1.6l Cooper S petrol at 40.9mpg (the old Cooper S was 32.8mpg).

It has to be the ultimate hot hatch. Perfect for one person like myself. Loads of bite, power and packed full of gadgets. Mine would be anyway 😉

  • Integrated GPS
  • Integrated phone system
  • Hill Assist Button (auto locks the brakes until the cars moves forward, so it’s impossible to roll back)
  • Run on Flat tyres
  • Semi -Automatic transmission (steptronic paddles for that formula one feel).
  • Parking Sensors
  • climate control
  • cruise control
  • heated mirrors
  • Rain-sensitive wipers
  • Heated/cooled seats

If had one of these sitting in my driveway, i don’t think i could ever moan about collecting someone again 😛 I’d probably live in it. The main fun factor would be the semi-automatic transmission.

I’ve passed my test in a manual car, so it’s not like i can’t drive a standard manual.. but a semi-automatic would really allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride. No clutch = a happy left foot and less occupied mind in traffic. If and when i buy a brand new car, it WILL be automatic. I believe i’m part of a new generation who will make the switch to auto’s. Manual transmission’s days are numbered here imo.

So if i make it big, the Cooper S will be one of the first things i buy 😎

3 thoughts on “Dream Car; BMW Mini”

  1. When you do get your MINI – you will JUST love it :). I would not dismiss the manual though until you had a chance to drive both. The manual tranny in the MINI is quite fun! 🙂

  2. yeah, i’ve been in one, but not driven one 😥

    i suppose a lot of people would think an auto mini defeats the purpose of getting a mini as the mini is associated as a fun, hot hatch.

    but haven driven other auto’s, i can’t see myself ever buying a new manual car..

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