Dragon’s Den Masterpiece

I’ve finally got around to uploading my Dragon’s Den video project. It’s now up on vimeo. The aspect ratio got screwed up when uploading but i’ll try fixing that at a later date. It’s 24 minutes in length.

Anyway, this project took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. Between learning how to use Premier Pro and After Effects and actually editing things and ironing out problems, i reckon it took me 100+ hours to put together the final product.

The introduction (first 2 minutes) is pretty spectacular and after that things sort of die down and we focus more on raw footage and comedy value. We then turn on the style again from about 17 minutes onwards where things start to get a little crazy and way over the top.

We have one actor who plays all 5 dragons, the narrator, an entrepreneur, a terrorist & a few other roles. This is where things got extremely difficult for me as i had to get all of these characters interacting with each other and in some cases physically standing side by side on screen which is obviously impossible in real life, but that’s where some clever editing came in…

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