apologies for downtime


This blog was offline for about an hour there.

It was a direct result of me trying to install a cache plugin which is supposed to speed up and ironically help the site stay ONLINE more :mrgreen:

Moral of the story is always disable plugins from your admin panel and don’t delete them via ftp 😉

I just chainsawed every file and folder in sight down to the bare minimum and eventually something worked, don’t ask me what… 500 internal server errors are usually caused by .htaccess files – that was the case here but in the end i needed to delete a file that apparently didn’t exist 🙄

How the hell was i supposed to do that! I could see the file that i needed to delete, but when i tried to delete it, i was getting a message back saying the file didn’t exist!

In the end i created a ‘fake’ file with the exact same name as the one i was supposed to delete. That overwrote the apparently non-existent file of the same name and i just deleted the fake one again. Problem solved.

Probably doesn’t make an ounce of sense, but it didn’t to me either 😉 I just pressed a few buttons and pulled a few levers and power was restored – score :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “downtime”

  1. Looks great now, did you change servers or something your webpages are no longer called by names, they are numbers now like ?p=182

  2. no, just messing about a bit – a bit too much!

    still on the same server, but i’m just ‘cleaning it up’ and trying to get rid of all the old plugins and files i don’t need

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