download my handwriting!

I’m just after creating my own font, basing it on my own handwriting. So from now on, whenever i’m submitting college assignments, i can type them up as i normally would, but give the illusion it’s all written by hand 😈

smemon's handwriting

Copy / paste will never have looked so natural before 😉

“Plagiarism? What plagiarism! This was all handwritten, scanned to a PC, then printed out – i don’t believe in plagiarism or typing – writing things in pen and paper PROVES i couldn’t possibly copy/paste blocks of text.” 😉

You too can create your own font for FREE using The process is simple;

  • Print out a page with boxes
  • Fill in boxes with pen
  • Scan & upload to

That’s it! You can now download and install your own font. On a cool scale of 0-10, that’s 11. Or -1 depending on which way you look at it 😉 I could convert this entire blog’s text in to my handwriting now if i wanted to but i think that’s taking the definition of a blog a little too seriously 🙂

If you want, you can now download my handwriting here <<< never though i’d be saying that before!

2 thoughts on “download my handwriting!”

  1. That’s pretty handy. I attempted to make one with a graphics tablet, but I gave up – as graphics tablets were not made for lefties (atleast mine wasn’t!).


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