don’t you just hate it when your battery dies..

Yesterday was day one for Dash Cam.

I got an hours footage. Today, i got almost 2 hours footage thanks to some battery saving wizardry 😛

But i’m bitterly disappointed.. the battery died 5 minutes before i came across possibly the most dangerous manouver i’ve seen yet.

This wasn’t bad driving, it was deliberately bad driving which is even worse…

Two northern reg cars, both tailgating (obviously friends) overtake me and long line of cars. This is common enough.. i’m used to it. One overtakes first, and the second car then overtakes the first car on the hardshoulder of the wrong side of the road 😯

So in effect, a single lane carraigeway was turned into a 3 lane carraigeway in one direction… i was absolutely delighted with all of this as it would have been great to replay and publish on the net to shame these guys, but i found out the battery died about 5 minutes before this happened 😡

Nothing i could have done about that… but sooner or later i’m going to happen on something really shocking, all captured on camera and the quality is so clear on the camera, i could probably pick up reg plates and nail a few of these guys…

I’ve got almost 3 hours of footage now, and loads of bad driving to show you guys 😆 but that side by side overtaking manouver would have been the icing on the cake. You just had to be there to believe it…

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