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Today i got an email from Anthony Feint, founder of telling me about his site;

I’m writing to introduce you to a relatively new productivity app – ( ). is an extremely simple reminder application that sends sms, email, voice call and twitter reminders. What makes the app unique is its natural language recognition. Instead of users having to manually enter dates and times, the user instead only needs to enter something like “remind me about the Meeting with bob next tuesday at 10am via sms” or “pay the water bill in 2 weeks”.

I get the odd email of shameless promotion, but in this case i’m glad Anthony got in touch as looks like a really cool, useful service. I’m always on the hunt for useful / productive applications and sites that can improve my lifestyle in some way and is one of them.

It allows you (in a nutshell) to add reminders to your account and have them sent to you (or a group) via email, twitter or sms.

Up until now, i’ve always used google calendar to email me important reminders, but has definitely carved out a niche for itself by using twitter and sms along with email. It’s free to sign up, free to use.

The only difference between free and pro accounts is that free accounts are limited to 15 sms reminders per month and you also have a limited contact list, whereas pro accounts have unlimited sms & contacts. So unless you’re a big sms fan, the free service will do nicely.

I’m a big fan of to-do lists and reminders and i’d love to see a decent desktop application in this area… hopefully will continue to evolve 🙂

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