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At one stage i had over 70 domains names registered. These days i’ve cut back a good bit and it’s down to about 20 but ever since i first registered domains, i’ve been getting these spammy letters from Domain Renewal Group. I know i’m not alone in getting these spam letters but i thought their stupidity was worth at least one blog post…

Eh, Wallet Inspector

Firstly, before i go any further, the only reason spam exists online is because it works. That means somebody, somewhere STILL falls for the obvious lotto winner / Nigerian uncle scams. Technology has kind of ‘outed’ those scams these days and they don’t tend to end up in our inboxes but where there’s a will there’s a way.

The latest one is technical support helpdesks ringing you up to tell you there’s a virus on your machine. Change some settings, install some software, allow someone to remote control your PC etc… then you pay for the privilege of having someone in a scam factory clean up your PC.

So long as there’s people around, scammers will also have plenty of work because people aren’t very bright. Of course now that i’ve said that i’ll probably end up buying a few milk cartons from the back of a van thinking i’m after getting a great deal on a new TV. Enter one of my favourite simpson’s moments of all time;

Persistence pays off?

I’ve gotten at least a dozen of these letters over the years, probably way more. It’s a pity i haven’t saved them all but i’ll try to start a collection. Not once have i replied to any, usually they just go straight in the bin, unopened.

Domain Renewal Group Scam

Domain Renewal Group Scam

Domain Renewal Group Scam

So i was thinking to myself that’s pretty stupid on their part. I’ve never been a customer of theirs and i’ve never once made any type of communication with them yet they still send me these letters year after year. Surely if they’re going to spam, they should be smart about it and reduce costs….

I’m not sure how much it costs to post these letters to me but it costs something. At this stage, it’s pretty clear i’m never going to become a customer so why keep sending me letters? It’s just a waste of money.

So their spam system is pretty inefficient. If i was in charge i’d drop customers from the database who haven’t taken the bait within 2 or 3 letters. It would reduce costs.

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  1. Here in the US I’ve gotten these, but the scammers are much more brazen -they ask for over $100 for a one year renewal. I’ve seen three different companies pay them as they just thought it was a regular bill coming in for a service they used. The accounts payable clerks had no idea who they used as a registrar, let alone what one is! On top of that, if one business in a town loses their domain name because they forgot to renew it, everyone is hyper-sensitive about loosing theirs for quite a while. I can see how these letters work….

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