Do i get extra marks for SEO in my dissertation?

social crm

As i said yesterday, i’d love to write like i do on here all the time. I’m comfortable writing like this and comments act as feedback, so if i say something stupid, it’s usually not let slide. This evening i was thinking a lot about my dissertation, as i have been all weekend. The next step for me is to contact businesses or individuals who i know are in some way using social CRM…

Whilst i mull over who to contact and what exactly it is i’m looking for, i’ve created a wordle containing my dissertation proposal and my actual dissertation so far. I done quite well in the proposal and as you can see, i’ve quite clearly stuck to the topic at hand. Social, CRM, Media, SMEs, businesses, customers etc… all quite clearly stand out from the rest.

social wordle

Compared to the work i’ve done so far on my dissertation (i reckon about 15%), you can see there isn’t much difference… i’m still nailing all the keywords. If this was an SEO project, i’d have nailed it. And i think somewhere in the back of my mind i am still writing with SEO in mind and with blogging in mind. It’s only natural that i find it difficult to get out of my ‘normal’ style of writing which i now regard as blogging.

social wordle

It will be interesting to see how or if this wordle changes once i’m finished my dissertation. From a lecturer’s perspective, this is a really quick way of getting an overview of what it is i’m talking about and whether or not i’m staying on topic. Perhaps i might even include it in my dissertation as a cover page or something. And there you were thinking i had just created this blog post for your benefit or just for today’s blog post – right now, i have to be killing two birds at a time if i’m to progress further with this dissertation and keep my thoughts firmly on track.

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