ditching the clutter

I’ve started work on a new theme for this blog and i’ll be putting a huge emphasis on simplicity. The content must come first.

I / O
Creative Commons License photo credit: sbfisher

It will be white, it will be easy to read and clutter free. There’ll be nothing on the homepage that doesn’t have to be there. Once it’s up and running i also hope to make some big changes to this blog.

It has sort of stood still since i started back to college in september, but i’m eager to kick it up another level now. It’s always better to do these things NOW (early in the year) rather than leave them any longer.

Although it sounds stupid, i’m already thinking about December 2010 and those ‘what have I achieved this year’ posts. I don’t want to end that month without maintaining year on year growth particularly on this blog.

2 thoughts on “ditching the clutter”

  1. I did the same with my blog.

    I took away all the bells and whistles, just left what had to be there and nothing more. Focused on cross-browser compatibility and valid semantic code with future modifications and expansion in mind. I've some subtle jQuery in the works for the next version which will be more of a portfolio.

  2. well when i said simple i wasn't quite thinking about something as drastic as what you've done 🙂 i think i'll keep the 2 column layout but just strip away ads, icons etc…

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