Desktop Spot Check – June 2010

smemon desktop

It’s been some time since i last posted pictures of my workstation & desktop, so here’s an update…


Because i have two monitors, my desktop always tends to look a lot less cluttered than a normal desktop. I try to keep the icons to a minimum but it’s hard. This is a good example of what it’s normally like… i also like the cloud wallpaper as it’s pretty neutral and natural. It’s not distracting and it doesn’t camouflage icons…

smemons desktop


Not much to say about this, i think it all explains itself. My speakers have started to give a bit of trouble lately however. The volume will fluctuate for no reason at times. It could simply be a lose /dirty connection but i’ve yet to pull it all apart and investigate. It might look nice and tidy below but believe me, there’s miles of wires and hundreds of connections in there 🙂 Pulling it all apart is just hassle.

workstation 2

My laser printer hasn’t seen much use since i bought it in May however i just printed out a 30 page document yesterday in about 2 minutes. No waiting… it just throws out pages one after the other which is exactly why i bought it. Little things like that make life so much better.

workstation 1

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