Desktop Spot Check #3

A while ago, i started taking pictures of my desk / desktop to keep tabs on what sort of equipment i was working with and how clean things were kept 🙂 The goal was to build up weekly or monthly photos and then i’d have them to look back on in years to come… to see how far things have advanced.

Anyway, this evening i find myself using 3 PC’s at the one time. It doesn’t happen too often. My old laptop is basically retired now and sits in a bag, in a corner, 7 days a week. My netbook is strictly for college work and late night browsing. My Dell XPS 420 is my main PC and what i regard as ‘home’.

Anyway, here’s what things look like as write this blog post;

Desktop Spot Check

My netbook is currently copying files to my usb drive. Approx 6 gigs of stuff. This needs to be moved on to my desktop. The reason i have my old ferrari laptop out is because i’m messing around with ubuntu still. I have to write a report on linux/ubuntu for an assignment so that’s what i’m doing in one of my main 20″ monitors. In the other 20″ monitor, i’m writing this blog post :mrgreen:

Is it it overkill? Yes, undoubtably. But speed is the name of the game. If i were to use windows to do all of the above on one PC, it would take 2/3 times longer to get through all the work plus it’s painful having to actually flick between windows back and forward. You need to remember things in your head – essentially you copy stuff in to your brain and then paste it in a new window – i’m talking about memorizing diagrams or keywords or numbers…. you can’t copy/paste an entire page from one window to another…. usually you’ll go back and forth taking bits and pieces – but with multiple monitors, you don’t have that problem.

You don’t have to remember anything. If i’m answering a question, i can have lecture notes open on one monitor and be writing in another. No flicking back and forth, no need to remember things. Less stress, more success as the saying goes :mrgreen:

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