Desktop spot-check #2

Here’s my second desktop spot-check picture, taken a few days ago – late at night.


What do we have on the desk this time?

  • Dell XPS 420, with a tv tuner and microfiber cloth on top of it.
  • Remote control for my XPS 420
  • TV remote control
  • 5 creative speakers (out of 7)
  • Adjustable lamp with low energy bulb
  • Creative Headphones in a leather bag
  • Lucozade sport bottle – one of my favourite drinks.
  • 2 x 20″ samsung pebble monitors
  • Logitech MX3200 mouse and keyboard
  • ‘Cyber Snipa’ illuminated glass mousepad
  • College ‘repeat’ forms
  • Sticky notes with ‘to do’ lists on them
  • Watch
  • Keys

Not much has changed since the last time… i have filezilla open there on the right monitor doing some ftp work… i also have notepad open, plus a blog (think it’s

So as you can see, i’m already relying on the two monitors – i could not go back to just having one and it’s going to be an absolute nightmare going back to college working with just one monitor.

So by now, you should be able to tell i like to keep a fairly clean and uncluttered work area… usually once a day i’ll just throw everything off the desktop if i find it’s becoming a distraction – i can’t have a cluttered desktop… it’s the one area i have to have perfect.

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