Desktop spot-check #1

A few days ago, i said i planned to ‘up’ the quality of posts and make this blog more personal, more unique…

As part of that process i’m going to create a new type of blog post called ‘Desktop spot-check’ and that will involve me taking a snapshot of my desktop at a completely random time – it may be pretty, it may not 😉

I’ll do this about twice every month, upload it to my flickr account and go through all the major items on my desk at that time… I’ll also try to keep all the pictures at the same angle, height etc… so hopefully over time, i can look back and see how my office has developed 🙂

So here we go, ‘Desktop spot-check #1’;

Desktop spot-check 1

A full list of what’s on the desk;

  • Dell XPS 420, with a tv tuner and microfiber cloth on top of it.
  • Airis Sat Nav unit (trying to fix it for someone)
  • Remote control for my XPS 420
  • 5 creative speakers (out of 7)
  • Adjustable lamp with low energy bulb
  • Creative Headphones in a leather bag
  • Mug of tea
  • 2 x 20″ samsung pebble monitors
  • Logitech MX3200 mouse and keyboard
  • Pen
  • ‘Cyber Snipa’ illuminated glass mousepad
  • Remains of a ‘Jacobs Elite Chocolate Kimberley’ wrapper :mrgreen:
  • Some bank statements
  • Sticky notes with ‘to do’ lists on them
  • Chartbusters card (dvd rental place)

Quite clean i have to say, i do try my best to keep it as clean and uncluttered as possible!

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