desktop snapshot sep 09

I used to post some desktop spot check snaps a while back every month. Not sure why i stopped – i suppose i just sort of ‘forgot’ about them. Here’s a snapshot i’ve taken a few minutes ago…


Anyway, my desktop is much more cluttered and messy these days than it normally is. That’s largely down to college work. I also have a lot of email / phone conversations these days relating to projects and web stuff so i’m constantly jotting down notes and ‘to do’ lists.

As much as i love working without pen and paper, other people aren’t as digitized as myself so if i were to record everything online or in a text file, i’d have to type it up as i talk on the phone or else summarize an email etc… that’s too much work so i cave in and use pen and paper 🙂


I keep a big stack of A4 paper in my printer at all times and about 1000 small ‘post it’ notes. I also have about 10+ pens on hand too. As you can tell i like to ‘overkill’ things and make sure that if i need to write something down there’s ALWAYS a pen and paper at hand.

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