Design challenge next week

Starting Monday, i’m setting myself a challenge…

I have to design 3 high quality wordpress templates by the week’s end (Friday).

The following week i’ll try to code them all and in the third week i’ll try to sell them all :mrgreen:

I’m not a gifted designer when it comes to digital artwork, but i am pretty nifty with plain old pencil and paper. So I hope to sit down this week and help convert my offline artistic talent in to online artistic talent.

It won’t be an overnight process or a 1 week process, but i’m hoping i can deliver half decent themes, get my confidence up, have a go at coding them and trying my luck selling them.

If all goes well i should be a couple of hundred bucks better off, plus i’ll have gained confidence and skills designing and coding, plus a few links to this blog, plus the start of a design portfolio 🙂

We’ll see how things go…

5 thoughts on “Design challenge next week”

  1. Cool, im kinda challenging myself too. Gona spend this week learning php.. it looks easy enough! I already know the basics because of vb. They are right when they say educated to learn.

    Good luck!

  2. well BeerChief is out of my hands so to speak at the minute, all i can do is request changes and put forward suggestions to the team…

    i’m free from college now, so too much of anything will bore me… it’s important i have new stuff to mess around with, plus i’ll also need to design a BeerChief blog so this will help 🙂

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