decluttering day

Today i’ve spent most of the day cleaning and organising. The last time i had a day off college this year was the day before i came back from summer holidays. This year, i have virtually no breaks at all bar Christmas and Easter holidays…

Our mid-term breaks have been taken away so this year, as things stand, i’ll have an extra 2 weeks in classes -v- last year. Apparently it’s due to cutbacks – the college can’t afford to run staff development weeks (which usually takes place during mid terms).

Speaking of college, i gathered up all of my handouts from year 2 today and here they are in the one folder… (with a full ream of paper beside them for comparison).


That’s a serious amount of handouts and it shows just how much information is thrown at us in a year. I’d say there’s about 400 sheets there.

Anyway, clutter tends to build up when i’m busy and working on multiple things at the one time. Notes, paper, college hand outs, bank stuff… it all tends to make itself at home on my desk without me noticing. So today, i de-cluttered my desk and got it back to normal.


I also bought & installed a client /project management script which i’ve installed offline to help keep tabs on all of the various different things i’m working on. This should help me reduce clutter as well as organise things better. I’ll talk about that more once i actually find the time to use it and get all of my projects organised online 😉

In other news, i said i’d try to get a site design complete for my project by today. I haven’t quite done that, but i have managed to keep up my promise of delivering unique designs every day this week.


So from that point of view, i’m happy. I’ve challenged myself to photoshop and i have. I can also use some of these designs in my project and add them to my portfolio. If i could do that every week, i’d be flying :mrgreen:

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