decisions decisions…

Tomorrow at 5.15pm is the deadline for applications to the CAO (the organisation which processes college/uni applications here in Ireland).

So today i’ve submitted my application and chosen the course i want to do. I can always change it in June as a window opens for a month however it’s very rare i’ll make a decision and change it.

Last year, i picked the same course as i chose this year, in the same college. However i chose to take a year out. Partly to educate myself in this web business but partly to travel a bit and save a bit of cash.

I’m not looking forward to it… I fear it will be a bit of a waste as i’ll be studying things i already know inside out. It’s a 1 hour drive daily up to the college, and a 1 hour trip home. A minimum 3 year course, possibly 4. By that stage, i should be in a position to give up my day job and live off my internet earnings, so i’ll be without the pressure of weekend work, early mornings, late nights etc… that’s some comfort.

However studying things i’m already fluent in isn’t exactly challenging.. i love to be challenged. I like the work and the rewards at the end of it. At the minute, i’ve invested 6 months in learning about search engines, websites, marketing etc… i should be able to pull in $100/month now, with assets in the form of websites worth over $3000.

In order to avoid college and make this a fultime job, i’ll need to get creative and back one or two of my golden ideas. I’ve already secured $100/month with small niche sites… with a unique, big site… i feel i could be set up for life.

So over the next 6 months, i’ll really have to put the foot down. If i’m happy with my earnings come september, and can live off them, i’ll defer my college course for another year.

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