Death to printers

Death to printers

Inket & laser printers that is. A while back, my Samsung CLP-315W started to jam and yesterday i finally got around to pulling it apart and investigating the problem…

The Problem

A small plastic gear and a bit of a plastic ‘rod’ (probably not the right technical terms but that’s what it looks like) had snapped off which was preventing the paper from smoothly passing through the printer…

Samsung 315W Part

i had a glance at some parts that looked similar but replacing any kind of assembly was costing over €40… given the fact the toner was low in it anyway, it didn’t make financial sense to fix, because you can pick up a new laser printer (with full toner) for about €65, which is exactly what i ended up doing.

My New Printer

My old Samsung was a wireless, colour laser printer. With hindsight, buying a laser printer that requires 4 toner cartridges rather than 1 was probably a mistake. It works fine with just a black cartridge, but boy will it let you know the others are empty and need replacing. The wireless experience was always terrible… so bad i ended up just disabling wireless and running an ethernet cable to it.

Samsung CLP-315W

So the lesson learned from that was “all printers are crap – even the fancy ones that promise they’re not crap”. I know there are colour laser printers around that offer cloud printing and mobile apps etc… but i’m pretty sure they all come with ‘self destruct’ software that nukes all configuration settings and issues random paper jams and error messages for no apparent reason. This time around i decided to get the cheapest, smallest black and white laser printer i could find. It was the brother HL-1112 from argos at €65 (cheapest they had in stock). There is a Samsung priced at €52 but stock seems to be low most places.

Brother HL-1110

Once i finished up in college, my need to print out tonnes of crap ended. Nowadays, usually the only time i’ll print something is for travel reasons. Airlines, hotels, buses… that kinda thing. In the near future, hopefully they’ll all switch to QR codes or something they can scan from a phone or tablet. If and when that happens, the printer as we know it will probably be on its last legs… going the same way as fax machines. People often say they prefer hard copies of things and it makes it easier to digest / learn when you can organise sheets of paper as you wish but i remain unconvinced. I think that’s simply a case of hanging on to what’s familiar because it’s most comfortable.

Very rarely do i buy newspapers but when i do, i almost instantly regret it because i’m inevitably left with something that takes up physical space and that i have to dispose of. It’s the same with books, only with books, you feel bad if you throw them out … “You can’t throw a book out – you’ve paid good money for it. Store it on a shelf somewhere with other books that you’ll never read again”… i remember saying this in the past but printers are ‘clutter producers’ and for that reason they shouldn’t be welcome. Having said that, we are still stuck with them for another while as there always seems to be the odd document someone will want in hardcopy format.

New printer, new office layout

What started off as buying a new printer, turned in to a spring cleaning session and moving everything around to make sure it was all in the right / most efficient place for me. Here’s what i’m now working with…

Home Office

Home Office

Home Office

And here’s all the crap cleared out from over Christmas / past month or so…

Cardboard and Plastic

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