Deadlines are great

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I always love having projects to do by a set date. It means things get done and you can bury them after wards. Each and every project i do gives me the same sense of satisfaction after i complete it. If it’s one big massive project, like my 30 minute video project for example, i’ll break it up in to smaller deadlines for myself.

That’s the only way i can get through work and get results. Along with my own deadlines, we have group deadlines which makes things even more organized. Finally we have the actual class / college deadlines. So all in all, a three tiered deadline system to keep me on track.

It’s meant that i’ve;

  • been able to produce a pretty consistent, respectable, solid video for 30 minutes.
  • not assigned too much time to too little of the project (something we all tend to do).
  • got things done on time.

The college deadline for this project is still over 2 weeks away yet i could hand something in tomorrow if need be – that’s the stage we’re at. For the next 2 weeks i’ll simply be fine tuning as much as possible and trying to add in one or two little bits of magic.

On Thursday, i’ll be bringing in a demo of the video in to class and we’ll get feedback and take it on board. Once this video project is submitted, it’ll give me tonnes of ammunition for blog posts as i’ve deliberately kept it secret up until now. I can’t wait to upload the final version to youtube and let the world comment…. it’s probably the most over the top and ridiculous version of the Dragon’s Den you’ll ever see and i know for a fact there’ll be plenty of ‘boy do you guys have too much time on your hands’ type comments :mrgreen:

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