Dead Car Batteries

I haven’t had much problems with the car since i got it about 18 months ago.. (2000 renault megane 1.4 hatchback)

A few months after i got it, i got a dead battery which literally put the whole town into gridlock for half an hour :mrgreen:

I was parked at work, no deliveries were due in so i parked close to a corner (not on a corner, but making it difficult for a 40ft truck to swing in 😉 ). I figured if there were deliveries, it would only be small vans/reps in cars so i’d be grand.

So off i go into work, back to the car at lunchbreak to go home for dinner and i got that dreaded – nothing when i turned the key 😡 Literally, as soon as i got it to find someone with jump leads, a 40 foot lorry came around the corner – lovely.

I pushed the car right up against the car in font to try and create a bit more space.. Didn’t help much. 20 minutes later and about 20 turns back and forth, blocking the narrow main road, the lorry got in past me. Success.

By that stage there were traffic jams in all directions, even the guards came on the scene and were wondering waht the hell was going on 😎 All because of a dead battery. I wasn’t parked illegal as it was private property so they couldn’t do anything. The lorry also approached from the wrong side, even had i not been there he wouldn’t have made it in in one swing. But i certainly didn’t help matters 😛


Anyway, why the hell am i talking about dead car batteries? Because my sister got one today – left the lights on overnight. I also realized i’ll be going up and down doing 70mile round trips away from home for 3 or 4 years daily..

So i’m looking at ebay for one of those all in one car charger and air compressor packs.. about €50 delivered, but probably worth it for all the hassle it could save me. The college campus won’t exactly be filled with brand new mercs and beamers, so i’d imagine it’ll come in handy to some of my fellow college drivers also on a cold winters day 😆

I do check my tyre pressure regularly (well, about once a month), but it’s a pain in the backside trying to find a garage which (a) doesn’t charge you for air 🙄 and (b) which is quiet/doesn’t have someone parked beside the air compressor. So it would save so much time and hassle if i could do it at home on a dry day anytime i feel like it. It would also be safer as i’d check it more regularly if i had something like that sitting in the boot.

Anything which saves time or hassle, or gives me peace of mind, can only improve my lifestyle, so i figure it’s €50 well spent, even though i may only use it once or twice ever. I’ll be ordering it soon, and as with most of the crap i buy on ebay, i’ll post pics and give a review once it arrives 😎

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