Dash Cam Ready to Roll..

For the past week or so i’ve been trying to get operation Dash Cam up and running..

I said i’d have it working last week, and i did momentarily 🙄 The camera was in place, on the dash, held together by cellotape and propped up by blutack..

The minute i took the first hard corner, it fell apart and it was back to the drawing board. I tried suction cups, but the camera was too heavy and pulled them down after a while.. I need something stable, something that wouldn’t fall down or roll about…

The answer: 2 hair bobs, a paperclip and some blutack :mrgreen: I found a little hook that usually holds the passengers sun visor in place.. not anymore 😈 It’s become a home for my camera and gets a bird’s eye view of the road ahead.. no wipers in the way, no bit of dashboard in the foreground, a perfect view out the windscreen.

I’ll post some footage later on in the week (bare in mind like 60mins+ per day of footage has to be reviewed and edited down). But dash cam is up and running, so we can sit back, relax, get the popcorn out and watch some good old fashioned mad Irish driving.

I’m in college at the minute, but got my full 60 minute journey this morning captured on video.. yes, i know. That is very sad and boring 😕 , but it’s entertainment for you guys at the end of the day… seeing people do stupid things on the roads.. i *think* it all came out ok, but i’ll have to review it when i get home (battery died just as i was reviewing it on the camera).

6 thoughts on “Dash Cam Ready to Roll..”

  1. yeah, i guess i could do that, but i’d planned to cut out all the boring/normal stuff and compile a video of the reckless stuff.. i’ll see how it goes 😎

  2. well, i’ve just had a look over the footage and there’s some gems in there :mrgreen: overtaking on double white lines, almost knocking down traffic cones, stopping on yellow boxes..

    and that’s just today which i’d regard as a good day.. wait until the end of the week 😈

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