dammit… no n95!

a few days ago, i got an email from a guy who had ordered an n95 from mobilefun.co.uk (the same place i ordered mine). He told me that he rang them to ask about delivery status etc.. and they told him they don’t ship handsets to Ireland. 👿

So i then rang them and emailed them – furious of course. Despite not metioning this anywhere on the site and indeed accepting the guts of €700, it’s a real joke of a situation. They are wasting their own time, plus potential customers time 🙄

So in a couple of days, my bank account will be +€700, until i can track down another source. Typical. It’s virtually impossible to get an n95 in Ireland, without going over to the UK and bringing it back yourself. I *could* drive up north and get one, but i’d be paying top dollar, plus the time, hassle and petrol etc.. involved just isn’t worth it.

*sigh* back to where we started 🙄

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