Dammit, i lost my wallet!

About 10 minutes ago, i said to myself – “oh shit, where’s my wallet?”.

Searched the room, searched the car, all my bags no luck..

I then tried to retrace my steps – where was the last place i had it – it was probably in Dundalk Town (last time i used it), so that can be good i told myself.. normally i don’t venture outside the college, but i ended up walking in to town for some reason 🙂

I was just about to ring the college, or just drive back up (as the office is probably closed) to see if i’d left it there (i remember being in a rush out and grabbing the coat off the back of my chair to beat the rush hour traffic)… my coat has button pockets, and i probably didn’t have them buttoned, so it must have fallen out under a table or something…

Anyway, just as i was grabbing my keys and preparing to go off, i got an email from the college saying it was found :mrgreen: Success! Some good samaritan handed it in.. probably cleaners or something…

So that saves me cancelling my credit cards and losing a few quid in cash 😉 However, it now means i have to go up to college and back just to collect my wallet… a 2 hour round trip 😡

Complete waste of petrol and energy, but the thing is i’m off college for the next 2 weeks, so i have to collect it. I blame the coat manufacturer for not having zip pockets. Zip pockets FTW.

I hate those hoodies with shallow pockets – they’re a disaster as everything falls out of them if you sit down. Shirt Pockets are just as bad, and coats with buttons suck too as they’re not completely sealed up.

So a mixture of good and bad news. I’ll get my wallet back – hopefully with everything in it :mrgreen: but i also have to burn a few quid in petrol driving up and back, plus i’ll lose two hours of time i could be putting towards working.

UPDATE: as always you know me, i have to turn situations like these in to websites :mrgreen: So i did a bit of browsing and came across a cool experiment. Some guys deliberately plants 100 wallets around a town to see how many people are honest and return them or just take them.

74 returned, 26 stolen, which is actually pretty good imo. I thought it would be 50-50.


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