daily vloggers

daily vloggers

Vlogging is a relatively recent phenomenon but it’s only going to become more popular as it becomes easier, faster and cheaper to record, edit & upload video.  Do a search on youtube for vloggers and you’ll be amazed at not just how many people do it, but do it daily… here’s some channels i check in on regularly…


These guys probably started the craze back in March 2009 (yes, waaay back then).

Vital Stats

  • Subscribers: 880,162
  • Total Views: 343,628,089


Charles & Ally started up in May 2009…

Vital Stats

  • Subscribers: 470,000
  • Total Views: 181,376,698


Keeping it local here, Jofus & Anna are Irish daily vloggers who’ve been vlogging daily for over a year now. Over the last few weeks, mainstream media in Ireland has started to take interest in these guys and the whole concept of vlogging.

Vital Stats

  • Subscribers: 13,253
  • Total Views: 2,108,444

How much money do these guys make?

Annoyingly, in interviews (TheSacconeJolys have had several interviews on radio /  TV over the past week) the only question they seemed to get asked is ‘how much money are you making?’ which is pretty irrelevant. I’m sure the interviewers wouldn’t be so up front with answers if the tables were turned…

Obviously if they’d done it to make money, they would have given up after the first few weeks or months… same with all vloggers or indeed bloggers. Would these guys continue to vlog without any money at all? I’d say so. Maybe not daily, but once you put yourself out online like that and build up followers / commenters / a community etc… that’s the real value. That’s where the attachment is for viewers / readers, that’s what keeps them coming back and obviously if you’ve repeat visitors you’re on to a winner, cash can be made…

TheSacconeJolys are about to head in to the world of full time vlogging, so they’re making enough to get by and obviously hope to increase views & subscribers as time goes on. Their American counterparts? Well the Shaytards are ‘debt free’ because of vlogging (and they vlogged about that) and i’m pretty sure CTXxC are doing ok too 😉


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