custom blog design update

I’m a perfectionist, no doubt about it.

I like things in order, i like cleanliness, i like visually appealing/symetrical things and somewhere on some level it annoys me when i can’t/don’t have things perfect. Take parking a car for example. I always check to see if i’m smack bang in the middle of the lines, with wheels pointing straight. If i’m not, i’ll keep moving until i am. And it annoys the hell outa me when i see guys parked arseways and at an angle, wheels turned etc..

Anyway, there’s not one blog design that i couldn’t pick a fault with, not a single one. I’d always be thinking ‘but would that be better here, or maybe that would look better in a lighter colour…’ So most of you guys probably envy me for getting a custom desigend blog but the reality is it’s not an easy task trying to perfect a design/layout.

Keeping it simple makes sense, but then i’m telling myself why the feck am i paying for a blog design if i want a simple one? There are loads of free simple ones. So i’m trying to get that balance of ‘simple complexity’ as i call it, just right. It’s not an easy task and not many designers instinctively have that ability to simplify things.

For the price i’m paying, i’m delighted with the look and feel of my design so far, but as always i’ll have my doubts. I guess you can’t please everyone and this design is gonna be loved by some, criticized by others. But i guess that’s part an parcel of being ‘unique’.

I’m also irish-i-fying (can anyone think of a better term?!) my design more. I was always keeping the colours green/orange (that’s the main reason i chose my current blog design believe it or not). I thought to myself – feck it, i AM irish so i may as well have fun with it and make it known (through design/colours).

I’ve got 2 drafts made now, and am just after sending away revisions for a third and i reckon we’ll be good to go after that.

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