creating something from nothing

nothing to something

I’ve talked before about how i feel blogging makes me more creative. Forcing rules upon myself also ensures i’m thinking 24/7. Here’s a good example of how the creative part of my mind just can’t rest because of the pressure i put myself under to create…

Who ever thought a galaxy ripple could inspire so much creativity?! 🙂

galaxy ripple

galaxy ripple

What about a homemade bun?


Or a couple of pens that happen to be sitting on a desk?


These are just normal every day things, but on my hunt to find ideas, i end up messing about and experimenting with angles and macro shots. The photos themselves are unedited and won’t win awards, but that’s not important… the important thing is i’m creating, trying to think outside the box and experiment. You can see that from the photos above. You can also see that i’ve managed to create a blog post out of a galaxy ripple, a bun and two pens sitting on a desk :mrgreen:

Do that constantly, day after day and match ideas with work rate and i’ll become dangerous 🙂 That’s the goal.

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