creating something from nothing


When in London, i was often waiting around on boats or on shows to start etc… here’s some photos i took which were really from ‘nothing’. I took a lot of them by accident or just for the sake of taking photos, but some of them paid off… they’ll be of great use to me in the future…

airplane in sky



The photo of the bird / plane was accidental… i was trying to get the bird in flight and caught a plane too by accident. I shot this whilst waiting for a boat underneath the london eye. The photo of the london eye with the sky in the background was also shot whilst i was waiting on the thames clipper boat to come along.

The photo of the airplane was shot from a moving bus getting close to stansted airport, i had no real right to take it but just happened to capture it perfectly…

The last one is of the olympic village which is still under construction… again i happened to have my camera handy on the bus so i grabbed the opportunity to take it.

Finally, this one is on the plane home.

airplane halo

Starting our descent i noticed a ‘halo’ around the shadow of the plane in the clouds. I didn’t have my camera at hand (it was buried in my bag), but i did have my phone on me so i snapped it quickly.

Getting in to that kind of habit with photos is good. The more the merrier. Keep shooting until you accidentally get a shot that looks deliberate 🙂

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