cream always rises to the top

cream rises to the top

Or in this case, quality content always rises to the top of google 😈 Just a few days after we unshackled, here it is, flying high in google already…

I said previously we were doing risky things in terms of SEO with our leaving cert revamp… unchartered waters for me and i wasn’t (and i’m still not) sure how exactly google will react. But the early signs are good.

google leaving cert rankings

Our main site, ‘’ is still holding on to it’s crown as top dog for the terms ‘leaving cert’ in which i was expecting it to, seen as we haven’t touched it yet… but right up it’s backside in no.2 spot is… despite the fact we’ve barely taken the plastic wrapping off it.

It will probably chop and change because we’ll have to make more changes to that site, but so far the early indications are good. The risky move is looking like a smart one 🙂 People are often fascinated by SEO but without content, SEO is nothing.

  • The cup is your website.
  • The coffee is your content.
  • The cream is your SEO.

Combine the three and search engines lap it up.

Anyway, moving away from SEO and on to content on We never said how many bloggers we were going to have this year but myself & Enda agreed a cap of 10 first of all. When it became clear there was far more interest than we had predicted, we raised it to 15…

Now, all 15 places have been filled. 15 bloggers will keep ticking over for a year. But the applications kept coming in… more and more…

Day 46 - Paperwork
Creative Commons License photo credit: MrMio

So we’ve decided to accept an unlimited amount of ‘guest’ bloggers. Basically we control when posts from our guest bloggers are published. With our regular bloggers, they’re free to publish whenever they want.

The reason we set a limit of 15 bloggers originally was because stats showed us previous bloggers posted twice per month on average. So 15 bloggers x 2 posts = 30 posts per month. 1 post per day on average. That was our thinking. Ok, it was never going to run that way, but we figured it was a ‘safe’ number. Not too busy, not too quiet….

The danger in accepting an unlimited amount of bloggers is that content gets buried and i wanted to ‘protect’ our bloggers from that as much as possible. It’s important they get their fair share of time on the homepage.

So we’ve decided to accept ‘guest’ bloggers and because we control when their posts get published, we can help prevent content from getting buried quickly. We could of course just let anyone sign up and submit posts and approve them as we see fit but that’s not really how the site has worked for the past few years. It would be too drastic to make changes like that now. Maybe next year 😉

But the bottom line is that we have a minimum of 15 approved bloggers contributing this year and we could end up with many more ‘guest’ bloggers. They’re churning out posts for fun at the minute and no doubt the novelty will ware off quickly but it’s our job to ensure it doesn’t 🙂

Starting Monday, we roll out another sub site. Part #2 in our overall revamp plans for More about what we’re doing here.

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