crazy day tomorrow

Saw 2 Budget 2

Tomorrow, the Irish government will launch yet another budget. It’ll be the second of 3 budgets within a 12 month period which says a lot about how clued in these guys are. Here’s our Barack Obama in action;


These guys are out in the next election – nothing they can say or do will prevent them from being booted out. You only have to look at the daily protests and abuse they’re getting from virtually every industry.

We have to shoulder the blame though too – we (as a collective group of people) voted these guys in to power deeming them to be the best people at what they do. Ireland can’t control it’s own recession. Without exports we are a nothing country and so it’s naieve to think the current government are solely to blame for our collapse.

22nd Birthday

Anyway, tomorrow is also my birthday :mrgreen: 22 tomorrow. The beauty of having a blog is that i can dig up old posts like this one and quote myself;

Of course, i run the risk of being a failure financially and eating my words in a few years whilst my friends begin to buy houses and start going places… but that doesn’t bother me as i am confident in my own abilities

I was referring to starting college in that post and 2 years later and nobody is buying houses 🙂 Those that started college straight after the leaving cert will struggle to get jobs once they start coming out this summer & next. I on the other hand probably won’t be out of college until 2011 which means i might just have timed things to perfection 👿

Man Utd -v- Porto

Utd face porto tomorrow evening in a champions league 1st leg quarter final. They haven’t been playing well recently and narrowly avoided disaster in the league against Aston Villa with a 92nd minute wodergoal from debutant Macheda.

Utd are now 1 point clear of Liverpool in the league, with a game in hand with just 8 games to play. 7 wins will see Utd lift the league title yet again, and that’s assuming liverpool win all their remaining matches which is highly unlikely (liverpool always blow it in the league – ALWAYS).

Anyway, a win tomorrow and a clean sheet should mean Utd will book a spot in the semi-finals of the champions league and just maybe, will get a shot at retaining the champions league – something no modern side has ever achieved (AC Milan last to do so in 89/90).

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