coolest remote control car EVER

Yesterday, whilst on the hunt for an alarm clock, i came across ‘Rovio’ on This is hands down, the coolest gadget i’ve seen in a long time. I can definitely see this replacing security guards and cutting down on costs if used cleverly.


It’s basically a remote control car with a camera on it. However, it also has in built wi-fi which allows you to control the car online – from anywhere. So let’s say i’m away on holidays for a week…

Assuming i have my netbook with me (or even my phone), i can log on and control Rovio’s movements around the house. I can also take snapshots, video etc… and have them sent to me automatically by email.

A more practical use might be in a business environment… management could have a few of these little guys roaming around the office floor keeping an eye on staff and doubling up as security.

Or, these little guys could replace security guards – they have in built microphones and speakers so you can hear and see what’s going on from the comfort of your swivel chair and desk and talk to people if necessary. Rovio also has a built in LED light for night time roaming.

To cap it all off (and this is the genius bit) they can even charge themselves! They have a base station which is plugged in to a socket and that has a GPS – like system built in to it which enables Rovio to go back to base whenever it gets low on battery!

At £250, it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely an impressive piece of kit… watching children, video conferencing, seeing who’s at the door, seeing who’s in what room… the uses are endless!

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