content is king

They say content is king and no matter how bad looking or poorly designed your site is, good content will make up for it. I agree. Assuming you have an RSS feed, it really doesn’t matter what your site looks like to me if the content is interesting :mrgreen:

Of course you want a combination of the two if at all possible… With BeerChief i was almost falling in to the trap of design first, content later. So what is ‘content’ on a social network – isn’t that getting other people to create and fill out profiles and upload pictures etc…? Yes it is.

However let’s not forget the power of a good blog. A few top 10 lists, some beer related tips and tricks, funny stories etc… that’s all content and without it, BeerChief’s fate is in other people’s hands – that’s the way i see it.

If i don’t work, BeerChief fails. It’s as simple as that. My ‘job’ on BeerChief will be to draw in the traffic with my ‘content’. The BeerChief blog, although not very active now, will become just as active as this blog over the weeks and months to come. It will play an essential role in building the community.

So yeah, content is king… i should know with this being post #1001 on this blog 😉 Approximately 150 of you will read this post. If i hadn’t written it, you wouldn’t have read it and would therefore have spent less time on the site, or perhaps not have come at all and that’s not good. It’s all about keeping you captive for as long as possible 🙂

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