Content Aware Fill Examples

photoshop cs5

I know i talked about CS5’s new content aware fill yesterday, but it’s so good that it deserves another mention. I’m only beginning to think of the endless possibilities of this now. I have experimented with a few of the other new features such as the puppet warp tool, but i’m fascinated by this content aware fill…

I suppose the best way to demonstrate it’s power is by showing you examples…

wex 1

wex 2

flag 1

flag 2

cig 1

cig 2

plane 1

plane 2

dkit 1

dkit 2

All of those images took no longer than 2/3 minutes to fix up. One dose of content aware fill followed by a few brushes with the content aware spot healing brush. That’s it. I’d imagine the likes of China and North Korea will have teams of experts who specialize in this stuff. Their job has been made 100 times easier with CS5.

If i can remove things from photos with a few clicks, we’re probably moving in to an age where we’ll never be able to trust the camera any more. Perhaps we need some sort of ‘unedited’ stamp on photos which have gone through no editing at all.

I think i remember magazines talking about that idea a while ago, but it is ridiculously easy now to make huge changes to photos and it is only going to become even easier in years to come.

If you’re selling a house or taking pictures to promote a hotel or something, this content aware fill could be a god send. You can remove those leafs from the garden or piece of paper on the ground. You might not be able to remove cars from outside a house, but as you can see from the images above, i managed to remove a car ferry, cigarette butts, flags, chairs, tables, fences and bins etc…

As i said yesterday you can do all of that in older versions of photoshop… you could even do it in paint if you wanted… it would just take a hell of a lot of time :mrgreen: CS5 speeds it all up and if it’s faster, more people will use it and they’ll use it more often.

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