Competition Update

It’s 3 days in to my charity skydive contest and so far, i’ve raised $79. So i’m almost 8% there :mrgreen:

Honestly, i wasn’t expecting people to be so generous in their donations… i thought maybe $5 tops per person but some people have donated $25/$35 which is great to see and i have to thank those who’ve donate so far 🙂

I wasn’t sure what sort of reaction this would get, but it seems to be fairly positive, i just need to work harder at promoting it.

I’ve also just completed a site which is going to be flipped and the cash put in to this. The domain was donated by one of my readers and i’ll talk a bit about the site tomorrow. It should fetch $100+.

Anyway, i’ve only got 6 entrants so far (last time i checked) in to this competition and at the minute, they’re all gonna get something pretty valuable 😉

Don’t forget i’m giving away over $2500 in prizes including 4 x $50 CASH prizes along with a free revolution theme and 3 x yearly estibot memberships! Plus lots more (again thanks to my sponsors for all of the prizes).

All you gotta do to enter is either blog about the competition or chip in just $1 or as much as you can afford. If you do both you’ll get three tickets in to the prize draw at the end of the month 🙂

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