Competition Over!

It’s been one month since i launched my charity skydive competition. The aim was to raise $1000. I raised just over $200 online so it means i hit 20% of my target which isn’t bad at all.

The actual skydive will now not be taking place until the spring time. Why? Well, firstly the money is needed and although i could scoop the rest together in a month or two, it just means more work for me on top of everything else i have like college, BeerChief and other online stuff. Plus the friend i’m doing this with also needs more time to gather the cash! Secondly, we have the weather.

Skydives can only take place in reasonably good weather. Given our unpredictable weather in Ireland, not many skydives take place from October – March and the last thing i want to do is take a day off college, arrive there and then be told to come back another day…

So i’ll now be doing this skydive probably around March 2009 which gives me loads of time to reach the $1000 target. I’ll probably run one or two more competitions to tie in with this and i’ll be much better prepared next time around… this competition has taught me a lot 🙂

So anyway, like i said before, to ensure total transparacy, i’ll reveal the entrants and their lucky numbers. I’ve just added nicknames to an excel spreadsheet and applied the different weights (30 tickets for blogging, 100 for donating etc…). You can check it out here and if it doesn’t make sense, it will later on.

21 entrants in total which means everyone is guaranteed something :mrgreen: I’ll try to publish a screencast tomorrow showing me picking the winners and prizes. If i don’t get it up tomorrow (i’m extremely busy this week), it’ll be up on Friday and i’ll send out emails then too.

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