Competition for JPEGr..

on sitepoint, i notice an auction for thumbq.

In fairness, it’s a beautiful site, and at the minute, kicks JPEGr‘s ass. But with an opening bid of $3500, i’m keeping a close eye on this site.

On the plus side for JPEGr:

  • It has zero revenue, unlike JPEGr which gets about $30/month using adsense alone.
  • JPEGr, imo is a much more valuable domain name.
  • JPEGr has a nicer homepage.

However, on the plus side for THUMBQ:

  • It has a PR 6 (although predicted PR 4.7), JPEGr is currently 4, with predicted 4.3.
  • It creates various thumbnail images, and slideshows – JPEGr does not.
  • It allows for multiple uploading of images, JPEGr is just one at a time.

This is food for thought for me, with JPEGr’s attractive domain name, and simple interface with classy homepage, i could be looking at $4k for the site.. i’d have to add multiple uploading, thumbnail images etc.. though first.

I bought JPEGr for $500, and at the time, knew it was a steal. Today, i’d value it at about $1300, but if THUMBQ sells for $4k+, i’ll sit down and have a real think about how i want JPEGr to develop.

$4k would go along way towards launching BeerChief i’m thinking. Mixed with $2k savings, i could have $6000 to inject into BeerChief.

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