Windows Movie Maker
Image by Dan Kennedy's Pix via Flickr

Yesterday, i was supposed to be off from college as it was an open day. But i went in for the day as did my ‘team’ to try and get filming for our project complete.

Although we didn’t get it all done, we got through a lot of work and this time next week i should be in a position to start some proper editing. I have a week off starting this Friday 24th until Monday November 3rd. Over that week, i’ll aim to finish this project or if not finish it, have the bulk of the work done.

This will be by far and away the most polished and professional video i’ve produced with some pretty amazing special effects.

I’ve probably spent about 70/80 hours so far just messing about with Premier Pro and After Effects and testing sound and special effects but at least from now on, i’ll be able to produce quality videos and understand how video editing really works.

For anyone starting out in Premier Pro after using ‘Windows Movie Maker’ or something like that, it’s a bit like going from microsoft paint to photoshop – there’s so many different options and effects that you don’t know where to start :mrgreen:

Basic editing (adding titles, cutting clips and adding audio) is relatively simple, don’t get me wrong, i’m not a complete idiot 😎 but when it comes to having people getting hit by a car or getting shot or adding 3d type text, it’s a completely different kettle of fish.

Anyway, i’ve now completed 4 exams/assignments in college at got the results of 3 back. 80, 80, 82. That’ll do nicely… i thought things were supposed to be getting harder, not easier 🙂

I’ll be aiming for 100% in this video project. I might actually throw up a poll on this blog and ask you guys to rate it once it’s complete!

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