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Google Search
Image by Steven Combs via Flickr

This ‘geansai gorm’ SEO competition has really taken off… on November 1st there were 2220 results returned in for the term ‘geansai gorm’.

6 days later, it’s at 10,500. So far, i reckon there’s at least 12 sites that follow the rules and are indexed in

Although i got off to slugish start with Geansai Gorm News, it’s now ranked no.12 for the term ‘geansai gorm’ and by my calculations, it’s 8th in this competition as things stand.

Just a few days ago the site wasn’t even indexed. Yesterday, it was ranked 30+ and today it’s moved up to 12th. Steady progress and i’ll make sure that continues. I’ve no doubt i can grab no.1 spot and i’ve various different plans to do so over the next couple of weeks 😉

It’s gonna be a long hard battle with other webmasters and i’m sure they’re as equally pumped up as I am, but seeing my site start slowly starting to progress in Google has given me a taste for success.

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